1. Anonymous said: yes hello i was just wondring when i will get my penis ??? Im a 11 yo female and my brother told me bcause im a girl it will take slower to grow but i still havnt gotten one ??????? help plz and also when it fnally does grow how u get a big one ???

    it does not matter what kind of penis you have on the outside

    as long as you have the penis in the inside

  2. Anonymous said: I to, have a enormous penis problem, I was forced to move to Saturn, NASA decided to hide it by calling it the rings of Saturn.

    we’ve all been there bro

  3. tacotacorey said: Does your penis have like.. multiple penis's branching off of it since it's so huge?

    yes, it is the mother of all penises

    like an ancient gaia penis, growing since the very beggining of this land, giving birth to all the penises in the world

  4. deadskeletonarmy said: what you need is a girl with a giant vagina

    what you need is stop envying my penis asshole

  5. Anonymous said: how do u penis tho


  6. it’s here!

    it’s here!



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  8. Anonymous said: Texan speaking : we don't want your penis! Give it to Alaska

    how can you NOT WANT my penis

  9. Anonymous said: Where does your penis go when you put on pants?


  10. oh fuck all of sudden my foreskin is full of tiny meteors and spaceships

    any idea why?

  11. Cosmo sex tip #346


    To really surprise your partner during sex, die.